Wilson 2020

Why do I want to represent you in Hartford?

As I travel the 66th District, comprising most of Litchfield and Woodbury, all of Bethlehem, Morris, and Warren, people ask, “Why? Why would I  want to be your State Representative?”

The simple answer, is I’m worried—very worried—about the future of Connecticut and of my family, who are committed to living in the state we’ve called home for over a century.

I grew up in the same town I live in today, the same HOUSE in fact. I attended Litchfield’s public schools and, after graduating, enrolled in the Aviation Mechanics program at H.H. Ellis Technical School before making the decision to serve in the Coast Guard. During my service,  I was stationed in New Jersey, Tennessee, Florida, Puerto Rico, Washington State and Alaska, but always looked forward to returning home to Connecticut. Back then, 1972, the country was experiencing an economic slump due to several global events, but Connecticut remained a beacon in the night because of the state’s robust manufacturing base, the depth of her talent-pool, access to transportation and funding, and because the state’s leaders—leaders in a true sense—were concerned about fiscally responsible public policies that enhanced everyone’s life, leaving no one behind.

During the last forty years of the twentieth century, Connecticut was largely successful in converting to a “modern,” post-industrial economy, but many of us have watched in shock as sustainable fiscal policies have given way to massive accumulations of debt. As the dollar was devalued and the cost of essential services increased in real terms, as the cost of debt-service increased, as our infrastructure aged and our youngest and brightest left the state in search of opportunity, we lost sight of some essential habits that contributed to our success.

When asked why, I respond that my life experience has demonstrated that many of those essential habits are necessary and are as relevant and valuable today as they were during Connecticut’s expansion through most of the 20th century. My professional experience in insurance and finance gives me insight and knowledge that, if I’m allowed to continue participating in the discussion, will provide value to Connecticut’s residents. When asked why, I respond that when I had options and the ability to make a home outside Connecticut, I CHOSE to move back to Litchfield and build a life here, near family, among friends, so I had the OPPORTUNITY to participate in a vibrant economy.

Connecticut is my home. I want to be part of the engine that drives improvement, that provides future generations with the same opportunities to enjoy the quality of life my family and I have enjoyed. Lynne, my wife and equally committed and energetic companion and friend, and I have five children and nine grandchildren. We have always been active in our community. Serving the people of the 66th District by representing their interests in Hartford is one way I can repay all the people who have helped us build a life here.

I am David T. Wilson, and I will represent YOU in Hartford.