It’s almost that time: Time to choose.

You’ve heard the rhetoric, listened to the promises, and, hopefully, evaluated the candidates to determine who represents your values and your vision for Connecticut’s future.

I recognize the challenges faced by the state, and have the skills needed to help craft solutions. Connecticut is a beautiful state I’m glad to call home. It’s a state that needs all our effort to preserve. With your consent, I will go to Hartford and work to:

  • Reduce the tax burden;
  • Control state borrowing;
  • Preserve education funding;
  • Help businesses flourish;
  • Improve the transportation grid;
  • Protect our beautiful environment.

During the next week you will witness a media torrent aimed at capturing your vote. My message has been consistent, not just in this campaign, but during my years of service. The points listed affect each of us living in Connecticut. They are goals we must achieve to ensure Connecticut remains THE place future generations want to call home.

Please schedule time to vote next Tuesday, November 8, between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

I’m David T. Wilson, and I approve this message.