David T. Wilson – Connecticut’s Future

Record tax hikes combined with reckless borrowing and budget gimmicks from the current executive and legislative team have weakened our state’s entire economy. Connecticut sits at the bottom of countless national fiscal rankings and lists. Credit agencies once buoyed by the prospect of the state’s adoption of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), a long-forgotten campaign promise, are downgrading our credit-rating, increasing the state’s borrowing costs.

It is time to create jobs in Connecticut and in our district by allowing businesses to flourish. We need to:

  • Work with job creators, not against them;
  • Invest in vocational schools and programs;
  • Eliminate overly burdensome regulations;
  • Improve the transportation grid through long-term budgeting, rather than increasing fuel taxes, adding tolls, or authorizing a new mileage tax.

Some people believe the government simply needs to spend more. But Connecticut is already borrowing money to pay its current bills. Before we can determine the best way to rebuild our state, we have to know the truth about our fiscal condition. Only then can we work together to create a sustainable budget that increases business and lender confidence.

We need to do better.