Kane, Wilson would stymie Malloy’s schemes

To the editor:

Connecticut taxpayers are fed up with the Democratic ruling elite’s hollow promises and tax-and-spend polices, which have resulted in repetitious budget deficits, record-breaking tax increases and sky-rocketing bonded debt that needlessly will require current and future generations to shoulder an ever-increasing financial burden.

Since 2010, Sen. Robert J. Kane, R-Watertown, and other rock-solid and unwavering Republican lawmakers have created fiscally responsible and balanced budgets, as well as pro-job growth proposals. Unfortunately, they have been ignored, if not totally repudiated, by the Democratic ruling elite. Being small business owners and sole proprietors themselves, Rob Kane and other Republican candidates understand the ruthless and devastating impact of the Democrats’ tax increases on small businesses, their customers and neighbors, who clearly make it known they no longer can afford to live in Connecticut, which their families have called home for generations in some cases.

If you want pragmatic lawmakers who will walk the talk after the 2016 election, vote for Sen. Kane in the 32nd Senate District and other Republicans, like David Wilson in the 66th House District. They will put an end to Gov. “Denial” P. Malloy’s and the Democratic ruling elite’s crony capitalism. Connecticut is desperate for Republican lawmakers who will restore economic growth and opportunity for the state’s citizens.

If Republicans win the majority in the legislature next month, Gov. Malloy’s failed policies will be blocked – enabling lawmakers like Rob and David to create job opportunities for everyone, decrease taxes, reduce regulatory burdens and restore Connecticut’s citizens’ trust in government.


Forest S. Love