Elect David Wilson to start turning the state around

To the Editor:

I have been a resident of Connecticut since 1985, first as a weekender, then full time after my retirement from a job in New York City. I now live in delightful Litchfield, where I intended to finish my days with other geezers who love the area as much as I do.

But the primary topic of conversation is: Where is the best place to move? Connecticut government seems not to care about taxpayers, only taxes. Our state-employee unions demand and receive higher pay than private-sector employees; our death tax is driving more and more people out of the state and killing the real-estate market; our business regulations and taxes put us at the bottom of lists of business-friendly states; and our income and sales taxes make it harder and harder to live on fixed incomes. Our liabilities are hugely underfunded.

The list of reasons to leave goes on and on, and grows. The reasons to stay dwindle, yet our one-party government seems neither to hear or care. Each year, bankruptcy looms.

A two-party government is the only answer to this dilemma, and David Wilson, Republican candidate for the 66th House District seat, gives us an opportunity to push back before it’s too late. David has years of experience in local government and finance, is a native of Litchfield County and understands our problems. Sending another Democrat to Hartford means more of the same. Is that what we want? How much longer can the state survive?


Richard A. Furniss Jr.