David T. Wilson-Tax Advocate

As I write this my first mail-piece is arriving at 66th District homes.

Connecticut is a great state but she’s plagued by a number of issues constricting her economy, among them taxes and debt.

There are solutions. Our legislature needs to develop the will to:

  • Cut taxes and red tape that blocks job growth in our region;
  • Preserve state funding to our schools;
  • Tackle ballooning state debt that will burden future generations;
  • Serve you ahead of special interest groups that grow the size and cost of government;
  • Protect seniors from state policies that spur local tax increases.

My years of experience in town government and finance have taught me where to look for cost savings and efficiencies. My responsibilities to customers and clients have taught me how to negotiate and build consensus.

Conceiving solutions is easy. Implementing solutions is the challenge. I am prepared to meet that challenge.